Siemens SMART platform system





*      Our Siemens SMART 3-circle platform diffractometer was purchased with an NSF grant in 1994 (CHE-9422567) and upgraded with a KRYOFLEX low temperature device and an APEX II CCD area detector via an NSF grant in 2004 (CHE-0342508).

*      The X-ray source is a fine-focus sealed tube that delivers Mo Kα radiation (50 kV, 30 mA) through a graphite monochromator and a MonoCap focusing collimator.




*      Data collections, which generally take from 12 to 24 hours, are performed at 100 K, but temperatures of 90 to 300 K are available.

*      Data collection, reduction, and correction are managed by the APEX3 suite of programs from Bruker.

*      Structure solution, structure refinement, and report generation are performed with SHELX software.

*      Absolute configuration can be determined for single crystals that contain at least one element with a minimum of about 14 electrons (i.e., Si). Relative configuration can always be assigned, so long as one stereocenter is known.



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