Join the Group


We are a host lab for CHM395 (Independent research) and CHM393 (Senior Thesis Research) courses which provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to obtain substantial research experience during the academic year. Prof. Fasan is also a mentor for the NSF-REU, McNair, and de Kiewiet Programs which offer students the opportunity to conduct fellowship-funded independent research in our lab during the summer. Motivated students are encouraged to contact me by email providing a brief description of the courses attended and previous lab experiences.

Graduate Students

Multiple positions are currently available for graduate students interested in joining our group. Please contact me by email providing a CV and a brief description of your previous research experiences. Prospective graduate students need to apply and be accepted to the Chemistry Graduate Program prior to joining our group. Our group also welcomes students interested in earning a MD/PhD degree within the University of Rochester's Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP).

Postdoctoral Positions

Openings for postdoctoral scientists arise from time to time. Post-doctoral applicants who already have or are willing to apply for financial support via a grant-awarding organization are particularly welcome. Interested applicants should contact me by email providing the following material: cover letter, full CV, summary of research accomplishments, contact information of three references.