Notes on Special Topics

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Reaction Notes:
Page 1: Adding Reagents, Reaction Vessels; Page 2: Stirring, Syringes and Needles, Temperature Control

Workup Notes: Solvents and Workup, Drying Agents, Aqueous Solutions for Workup, Rotoevaporation

Chromatography Notes:
Column Chromatography: Media for Separation, Flash Column Chromatography, Solvent Systems, Column Chromatography on a Small Scale
Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC): Capillary Spotters, The Cospot, Preparatory TLC, TLC stains

Kende's 20 Points

Equipment Notes:
Page 1: Equipment you can't buy in stores (photo gallery); Page 2: Standard laboratory equipment for synthesis (photo gallery)

Recordkeeping Notes

Reagent Notes: Purification, Safety, Shelf Life, Sources, Storage

Characterization Notes: Enantiomers and Enantiomeric Excess, Mixtures of Isomers

(these topics coming soon)

Spectroscopy Notes: NMR solvents, IR media

Literature Notes

Filtration Notes