Characterization Notes

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A Perfect Reaction (see all): You obtain a proton NMR spectrum of a pure compound without solvent peaks. Each peak can be assigned to a proton of your target compound, and the integrations are consistent with expectations. Other spectra can be obtained without complications.

A Nightmare Scenario (see all): All of the peaks in your proton NMR spectrum overlap, the compound is not the one you expected, and you don't know what it is.

Common Rookie Mistakes: Spectroscopy

Step by Step:

  1. Remove all the solvent from your compound by rotoevaporating thoroughly.

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  2. Acquire a proton NMR spectrum. Analyze the spectrum to confirm your structure assignment.

Often, enough information is gained from proton NMR spectroscopy to identify the product. Sometimes it is appropriate to gather more characterization data, and sometimes not.

Continue with characterization when

Do NOT continue with characterization when

Beyond 1H NMR:

* Necessary for publication often useful for structure determination

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