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Desert Island Websites

When a synthetic organic chemist wants to look something up, there are certain places they look first.

URL of website:
Used when I need to find:
Website Used when I need to find I find this website useful Number of advocates searchable Spectral Database for organic compounds 79 Problems for group meetings 48 Bordwell pKa table 41 search for reaction procedure 36 Proton and Carbon NMR shifts 28 people 27 Best prices on textbooks and books in general 26 protection groups / stabilities vs. reagents 26 commentary on drug discovery 19 nmr shifts, substructure search available 19 Organic chemistry acronyms 19 people working with metals 16 A collection of commonly used experimental procedures and other interesting stuff for synthetic chemists 15 cheapest textbooks for all subjects 15 Stoltz group club/ group meetings (PDF's for literature talks) 15 MacMillan group seminars, PDF files 14 glassware, and how to use it 13 Interesting forefront total syntheses and a great breakdown of key steps 13 a colleague of "Not Voodoo": practical advices in routine daily work of a chemist 11 meetings, awards, general information and links 11 Assignment of formulas via HRMS 11 synthetic methods, reaction mechanisms, name reactions 7
IONiC VIPEr Teaching materials for inorganic chemistry 5 process development 5 pka 5 chemical structures of top selling pharmaceuticals 2 database of synthetic sequences to learn from and test my knowledge 2 chemical reaction for drug syntheis 1 protection groups 1 Research Information on chemistry and open access 1 total syntheses for group meetings 1
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