The Tour of Collective Wisdom presents:
Desert Island Tools, Tables, Charts, and Graphs

Synthetic organic chemists need certain information at their fingertips. In the laboratory, these resources can be found hanging on the wall, at the bench or the desk, or bookmarked on the computer.

ResourceI find this resource usefulNumber of advocates
NMR Chemical Shifts of Common Laboratory Solvents as Trace Impurities in 1H and 13C (PDF) 245
NMR solvent properties in 1H and 13C (PDF) 117
Chart: Relative polarity of solvents (Word document) 113
Specific temperatures of Salt-Ice Cooling Mixtures (PDF) 97
Solution formulas for common acid/base solutions from concentrated acid/base (Word document) 86
13C NMR chemical shift values for various carbon functional groups (Word document) 69
Chart: Selecting an appropriate desiccant (PDF) 69
Periodic Table From WebElements (PDF) 67
Chart: Characteristic IR absorption frequencies (Word document) 64
1H NMR chemical shift values and coupling constants for various functional groups (Word document) 62
Unit conversions (website) 59
Chart: Vapor pressurs for common liquids at certain temperatures (PDF) 54
Molecular sieves resource (website) 53
Davidson Web Conversion Utility for pressure unit conversion (website) 47
Cheat sheet: physical properties of common solvents, reagents, etc. (PDF) 42
Interactive Pressure-Temperature Nomograph and Pressure Unit Converter (Requires Adobe Flash plug-in) 39
Chart: common reagents for oxidation of alcohols (PDF) 38
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