The Tour of Collective Wisdom presents:
Rookie Mistakes

Tour the Mistakes

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Top Ten Mistakes

MistakeNumber of rookies who have done this
Tried to drain sep. funnel with stopper still in 361
Bumped solution on rotovap. 337
Forgot to pre-weigh your round bottom flask. 299
Set up reaction under Ar, added in reagents and forgot to add stir bar 286
Poured a reaction mixture into a separating funnel without closing the tap. Recovered reaction mixture from the bottom of the fume hood. 283
Solvent run all the way to the top of TLC plate 279
Didn't label a flask. One week later, have NO idea what is inside. 274
Handled volatile, smelly and/or toxic solvents or reagents (benzene, carbon disulfide, acrylates, etc.) outside of the fume hood. 259
Sniffed noxious compound/gas/solvent, not waft! 235
Use of a little stirr bar with a big flask 219

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