How To Stay Motivated

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Unmotivated? Tips to regain momentum:


Tips from Site Visitors

Try this...   Does this work? Percent who agree
Maintain a Healthy Routine with Sleep and Exercise yes no 89%
sex yes no 88%
Remembering long-term goals yes no 86%
Read JACS Papers yes no 83%
sex yes no 81%
sex yes no 81%
Talk it over with a few beers yes no 75%
Talk to your co-worker/labmates, not your supervisor!! yes no 71%
see other worse than you yes no 70%
Coffee yes no 68%
Sleep on it yes no 61%
yogurt yes no 58%
Building cool shit for in your room with lab equipment, then stare at it yes no 55%
Take a break for a week yes no 54%
Chocolate yes no 50%
Change Careers yes no 50%
Have a long lunch break yes no 49%
Go for a run around the lab yes no 48%
beach yes no 46%
give it a quick wank yes no 45%
pray yes no 42%
Amphetamine yes no 37%
turkish coffee yes no 33%
Have a cigarette yes no 31%

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