A Key to Scientific Research Literature Lingo

to describe data distributions, error analysis, and confidence intervals

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1. It has long been known that...

I haven't bothered to look up the original reference, but...

2. Of great theoretical and practical importance
Interesting to me
3. While it has not been possible to provide answers to these questions...
The experiment didn't work out but I figured I could at least get a publication out of it
4. The W-Fb System was chosen as especially suitable to show the predicted behavior
The fellow in the next lab had some already made up
5. Three of the samples were chosen for detailed study
The results on the others didn't make sense
6. Accidentally strained during mounting
Dropped on the floor
7. Handled with extreme care throughout the experiment
Not dropped on the floor
8. Typical results are shown
The best results are shown
9. Agreement with the predicted curve is:


10. It is suggested that...
It is believed that...
It may be that...
I think that...
11. It is generally believed that...
A couple of other guys think so too
12. It is clear that much additional work will be required before a complete understanding...
I don't understand it...
13. Unfortunately, a quantitive theory to account for these results has not been formulated
Neither does anybody else
14. Correct within an order of magnitude...
15. Thanks are due to Joe Glots for assistance with the experiment and to John Doe for valuable discussion...
Glots did the work and Doe explained what it meant

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User Submitted Lingo

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After much experimentation... We tried it like this, got what we need and didn't bother testing for other condition. yes no 100%
It is widely accepted that Basically, nobody knows yes no 100%
NMR was complicated The NMR spectra looked like a polygraph test yes no 97%
It is widely known that... Wikipedia says so yes no 94%
Data not shown Data too screwed up to show yes no 91%
transformation decomposition yes no 75%
....following the published procedure.... We aren't sure how we finally got it to work.... yes no 73%
The reaction doesn%B4t carry out as a result of a steric hindrance between... No remote idea of what happen... yes no 67%
Yields were moderate at best We got 25%25 once. yes no 64%
a purified sample melted at 156.7'C after 37 recrystallizations we managed to get an mp of 155-160'C yes no 42%

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