The Tour of Collective Wisdom presents:
One, Two, Three... Ph.D.

20 Ph.D. chemists polled since February 23, 2005 reported an average of...

9.8 months elapsed between starting the Ph.D. program and beginning to make real progress in lab research
3.5 projects (total)
1.0 collaborative projects
8.9 all-nighters
0.9 fires
0.5 floods
2.6 injuries (blood/ burns)
1.4 embarrassing presentations
2.5 times of crisis: you seriously considered leaving the program, lost your composure in your advisor's office, disappeared from the lab for days, intentionally broke glassware, shouted at coworkers, etc.
5.7 meetings with your advisor per month (lasting more than 5 minutes)
1.6 undergraduate students mentored
8.3 weeks writing the Ph.D. thesis
4.9 years in the program
6.0 papers to show for it all

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